About Us

This website was started following seven years successful trading with two eBay shops. In that time, we have made over 20,000 sales, and have never been lower than 99.8 positive feedback. Which, for those who don't use eBay, means that, at the time of writing, 19,960 buyers were delighted about:

a) the product sold
b) the price charged
c) the delivery time and
d)overall service.

The next logical step was to produce this website, with many, many hundreds more items than we display on eBay.

You will see the categories on the front page and the drop down menu for each. If there is anything you want, but can't find, e-mail us at: suggestions@mediamadmeg.co.uk and ask.

All products are our own designs and copyright. As exclusive designs, they cannot be bought elsewhere. Descriptions and images of products are accurate.

Everything is made to order.

Products are produced in a smoke free home.

Although we make the items at home, we do not have the facility for customers to visit or collect. We would ask you to respect our privacy.

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